The Original Dreaming of Spring

The glass beads are from the Hawaiian island of Maui. Back then I was very picky about my beads and a little bit frugal, so this was a definite splurge for me. But I knew I would be able to create something special and beautiful out of these beads. I love the silver lining inside the glass, as well as the colors of the flowers circling it. Definitely magical and definitely needed pink crystals and seed beads to accent it.

During the design phase, I’ve always had difficulties using the side drilled crystals you see in the bracelet. Well, needless to say I found a good application for them. This turned into a lovely bracelet I am very proud of. The necklace took a little bit of work to get just right. The chain is my favorite design because of the large but not overbearing links that gave the piece a little bit more weight to offset the size of the focal bead. Notice the dangling chain is heart chain. One of my motto’s is “the difference is in the details” and I always try to live up to that standard. =)

This set sold for $100. The owner is very happy with it. 😉


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