Bead Monkey + Strawberry

I never thought my cute little monkey would end up being my business logo. 3 years ago, the day before I had a digital hardware programming final, I decided I was going to make a monkey. Partly insanity and partly because I knew I didn’t have to study, I embarked on that journey and that is what you see here today. This little monkey, by far, has been my best little bead weaving project EVER. I almost messed up his feet, but I ripped it out and strung it again to get it just right. My friends and I had a running joke that certain programming was so easy a monkey could do it. One day I showed him the monkey sitting on our programming board. Needless to say, we got a lot of laughs from that. =)

Then another day a few years ago, another friend wanted to come up with a codeword to identify her because other people had access to her IM account. I randomly said “Bead Monkey” and she was like, “Perfect!” Again, the nickname stuck and eventually I used it for my business nickname. As time progresses as well as my business, I plan to name my company “Hui Hui Designs” instead so it sounds a little bit more exotic and intriguing. “BeadMonkey” is cute and cuddly, but eventually I want to be more refined because it goes with all the maille I’m making. πŸ˜‰

I found a kit for the strawberry when I was in Hawaii a few years ago. I actually found 2 other kits also and even though it was retail priced crystals, I had to have them just for the instructions. I love my strawberry and it was made in my all-time favorite crystal color. I finished this on the plane ride home. Although annoying, there is a tiny little bell inside the strawberry that makes the prettiest little sound. Now if only I can find beads to match the stem… that’s been the hard part and I’m always on the look out for beads in that shape.

I ❀ my monkey hanging out with a strawberry. πŸ˜€


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