Earring #2 (My Favorite Color)

These earrings are a perfect example of delicate chandelier earrings and my personal favorite. I haven’t made a pair better than these yet… yet. 😉 They’re wider than Earring #1 due to the third row of rings, but they are superb when you put them on. I can’t wait to make more. =D I’m picky about the weight of my earrings because my grandmother had really, really stretched out earlobes and I really don’t want that when I’m 80.

I have to say that this is my favorite Swarovski crystal color. It has a special satin coating which mutes the bright, bling-bling color of the original crystal and gives it a more natural tone. There are some colors that I absolutely abhor, but sometimes a little satin coating changes my mind. 😉

Sterling Silver ~ $75

I take custom orders if you want a different color than this. I have almost a whole rainbow of colors, so be prepared for emailing back and forth about color choices… I want to make sure you get the right color for YOU. 😉


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