WTS Scholarship Auction Donation

Okay, this is what I actually donated to the “Women in Transportation Seminar” Annual Scholarship auction… I really like the way this set turned out.  I started making the 3 tiers to form a triangle and started staring at it to figure out how to dangle stuff off of it.  My eyes glanced at my embellishment techniques book and the lightbulb turned on and I was rolling like no tomorrow!  I’m really proud of my jewelry accomplishments ever since I started chainmaille and especially after I bought the embellishment techniques. ❤ ❤ ❤  Kudos to Aislyn of Urban Maille, seriously.  If you’re interested in creating your own chainmaille, then check out her website.  She offers beginner’s kits and slowly advances it from there.  I’ve taken most of my chainmaille weaves at classes from my local bead store, but I have bought some kits from Aislyn.  Needless to say, she is who I buy all my rings from.  She has the finest quality rings on the market and I really just love anything from Urban Maille. ❤

Enough ranting, let’s see that necklace!  (Genuine garnets used…)


2 thoughts on “WTS Scholarship Auction Donation

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