This morning I was eating breakfast and looking for something to read… I like to multi-task if it’s an informal meal and no one needs to talk to me. Either read a magazine or watch TV while I’m eating. Some mornings I’ll grab my breakfast and eat it in front of the computer if it’s a busy day. Today I took a bite of oatmeal, looked around for something interesting, then ran upstairs to grab one of the many empty notebooks I found while cleaning.

That was around 8am this morning and I can’t keep away from it. If anything pops into my head, I write it down. Random things right now, but I started a to-do list for today. Something also inspired me to start working on my taxes… so I started adding and itemizing things. 😛

I also took inventory of 95% of my rings, sterling, gold-filled, rose gold-filled, and copper. Yesterday I was hanging out at the bead store and inspired by one of the chainmaille ladies to start mixing metals… she was working on a 16g Jens Pind with sterling, yellow and rose gold. It was pretty. Enough to get me thinking about mixed metal jewelry. And to add to the mixed metal topic, the new kit I just ordered from Urban Maille is a Half Persian mixed with sterling and copper. 🙂

I wrote out all of the chain weaves I know and then listed all the corresponding ring sizes that go with it… mostly in 18g because that’s all I can remember. Then I started another page for weaves that are good to mix metals with. I have to add the Viper chain to it because I was staring at my unfinished yellow and rose gold bracelet and it looks better than I thought. 😉

Inspiration is a strange thing… but be happy when it comes.


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