5mm Magic

My favorite ring size is 18g, 5mm. My favorite Swarovski crystal size is also 5mm. There’s something about this size that is very appealing. It’s not too big, but not too small. For most applications, it’s just perfect. The 5mm rings make some of my favorite weaves, including the GSG and the Double Spiral.  Maybe there’s a psychological aspect to it, but either way, 5mm is my favorite size.  And to top it off, my new instructions for a Half Persian 4-in-1 says I can use 18g, 5mm rings. ❤

I also love making necklace chains using 18g, 5mm rings and connecting them with bits of my favorite pre-made chains… I really need to gather my friends for a jewelry photo shoot… I have a beautifully gorgeous lariat that begs for a model before I take a picture to capture its timeless elegance.  Using 18g, 5mm rings… and some 5mm Swarovski crystals… I think.


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