From My Personal Collection

This is my first attempt at anything purely in rose gold. I ♥♥♥♥♥ it. I might take off the dangles in the front, but I haven’t decided yet. 😉 First of all, I stopped by a bead store after jury duty a few weeks ago and stumbled into the biggest and brightest candy store I’ve ever seen. A whole room full of beads and findings in rose gold, yellow gold, and sterling silver on one side, then gorgeous Italian Murano glass beads on the other side.  I left the store with nothing but gorgeously shiny rose gold findings because anything in rose gold, especially bead components, are very difficult to find.  They are generally not commercially available.  Which is why I always go gaga over it whenever I see it.

One night last week, I felt compelled to start working in rose gold (hey, I had all this new stuff to use), so I dug up my precious envelope full of 3 whole ounces of 14kt rose gold-filled 24 gauge wire and went to work. The brown of the crystals complimented the gold nicely and then I started thinking of some other color to go with the package. Something hit me light a bolt of lightning and I busted out my favorite dusty rose crystal and I was set. Whoo hoo! I dug up whatever rose gold rings I had and this is what I have to show for it. Later on, I’m going to dig through my stone collection to find some stones that will go with the color scheme I have going. But I love this necklace. Obviously. 😉

Custom order only. Please inquire.


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