Why I’m not on Etsy

I always get a lot of questions and unsolicited advice to sell on the Internet, especially at Etsy.com. However, I am not of fan of the handmade shopping block because if you do a search on “chainmail”, you get hundreds of items to choose from and a seller like myself could get lost in the crowd. Also, I’ve browsed through there myself and there are sellers who buy the same kits that I buy from my ring supplier and sell them at their shop. Which is fine with me, but my urge to be unique and not be a cookie-cutter prevents me from selling straight out woven bracelets unless requested. Sure, I post the weaves I’ve learned, but that’s not the heart of my designs. It’s the foundation of my craft that allows me to securely build on top of the skills I’ve already gained.

If some random shopper in Boston will compare my shop and someone else’s shop with lower prices, she will most likely not research and pick the items from someone else’s shop. Or, she could try to figure out why I’m charging more for my jewelry, but due to the general laziness of the population, it probably won’t happen. Pricing is the bane of a lot of jewelry designers, and the ones who are just starting out… “I started making jewelry 2 years ago!” seriously undermine the rest of us designers who have been at this for a significant amount of time… going on 20 years, even though it includes being 6 and stringing pony beads. But honestly, a lot of TLC goes into my designs and I try my best to be fair to my customers and also fair to myself.

I feel that this blog and the Tribe is a lot more personal, because jewelry is a very personal thing. I know I should be doing a few more things like measuring the length of everything, but it’s a learning process and I’ll remember to start doing that eventually. I just really want all of you to know that I’m not trying to rip you off, nor am I selling myself short by pricing too low. And, hopefully convey the message that you are getting the only very best chainmaille jewelry around. 😉


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