Metaphysical Ramblings

One of my best friends is a Wiccan and over the years, she has been my ultimate stone resource. Enough to say that sometimes I drive her crazy. 😀 But, she has been around for a good 7 years and has watched my design skills morph into what they are today. She was there when I was lazy and did nothing but string Swarovski crystals onto stretchy cord. But I do have to admit it was good for my color skills. 😉 And now today, she’s amazed at all the things I can create. She is my best testimonial and by far one of my best influences.

For her special Wiccan amulet, she asked for a necklace containing nothing but jet and amber beads. Of course, I was still in my bling-bling phase, and she said the only other thing I could add onto it were clear quartz beads. So, I shopped around for the best jet beads I could find and when Gem Faire came around, I went straight to my favorite amber lady and found the perfect piece of amber for her. I made that necklace about 3 years ago and she absolutely loves it. She mentioned tonight that she wore it to an open circle gathering and one woman came up to her and complimented her on the necklace…

“Mine looks like crap. Where did you buy yours?”

“Oh, a friend made it for me. She’s a jewelry engineer.”

“Huh?” the lady replied, hand still tightly grasped around the pendant.

Yeah, so apparently I picked the right amber and jet. Whoo hoo! No, but seriously, I’ve been getting better at picking stones for people. For my Wiccan friend, I am right on the money these days. I made her some jewelry for her birthday and she absolutely adored everything I made. I really channeled her energies last night when I was making that small stash of what I like to call her new metaphysical “armor”. Since I specialize in chainmaille, anything I make is armor, but this is special armor. Her power stones are citrines and garnets, and I just happened to have a strand of Herkimer Diamonds and found the best one particularly for her. When she put on the amulet, she got an instant buzz without drinking a single drop of alcohol. It was that strong and that perfect. I did good. 😀 The strongest garnet was in the other pendant I made for her (small and cute to match the bracelet), while the strongest citrine was in the bracelet. That particular strand of citrines was the one she was always drooling over and she probably pointed out to that particular stone and said, “This is the strongest one!” But, how would I remember that? I guess my 6th energy sense is seriously working in overdrive these days. It’s awesome.

And if I recall correctly, she was stuck in the Navy on either a ship or the boonies, and wanted me to find her a fire pendant. She was stuck wearing a water pendant and with her being a very fiery Leo, water elements of any kind do not float her boat. I bought her a green amber from my local metaphysical store and to this day, she can only wear the green amber I picked out for her. That’s how powerful I am without even knowing it. And the icing on top of that cake is that my bellydance instructor, Sashi, can feel my very essence emanating from all my jewelry designs. I guess I pour more of myself into my work than I thought… yay. 🙂


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