You cannot refuse…

I didn’t sleep very well last night.  The CA weather has been severely irriating, so it’s warm in the evenings, but the mornings become cold.  I usually wake up around 4am to pull up the blankets and go back to sleep, but this time around, I was wired and wide awake.  After sending a stupid “Hey, how’s it going message” to one particular guy I haven’t seen since high school, I tried to sleep until 5am when I got out of bed and sat at my desk and started beading.

But first I cleared off a portion for my new necklace bust.  I felt like a seamstress with her mannequin.  I draped my new necklace over it and attached dangles as I made them.  There’s something oddly magical about this necklace bust, but it’s perfect.  It frames each and every necklace so perfectly, it feels enchanted.  Not to create the wrong image, but a moth drawn to a flame, Snow White drawn to the apple, and Sleeping Beauty drawn to the spinning wheel.  Ethereal and irresistible.  The necklace I place on this particular bust will be my bellydance art necklace… I already have the perfect vision of it, it’s in construction phase, and after I’m done embellishing it, watch out world!  Prepare to be stunned. 😉


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