Finding my Zen

The best word of creative advice given to me has been something like this… “Creativity is right-brain work.  Words and numbers are left-brain.  Listen to music without words and be in a pleasant state of mind.  If you make jewelry in a dark and dreary place, then you’ll make dark and dreary jewelry.  Don’t do that to your jewelry.”

So, with that in mind, I’ve been playing a lot of muscial scores and classical music lately.  I also realized I have about 6 CDs worth of Hercules and Xena score, so that’s quite literally SCORE!  Now I have to dig up my Buffy CD because there are a few tracks at the end that are score tracks.  In addition to the music, I started donning some larimar this week.  Monday I was working with it and created a new design with a twist.  I haven’t felt a little creative burst like that for awhile and it’s been the energy I’ve been looking for.  So last night, after I put on the larimar and poked at my desk, something hit me and I almost finished a new necklace with rose gold, pearls, crystals, and my favorite lampwork beads.  It was magical. 🙂


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