Quantity VS. Quality

I learned a lot after selling at Pagan Pride Day… none of my “quick” sales stuff sold and my more expensive chainmaille pieces did.  And oxidized sterling silver.  So I’ve been wondering what the correlation is here.  I think in spite of the economy, people are willing to pay for something different and unique.  The oxidized jewelry is definitely something I can cash in on, considering that bright shiny silver doesn’t go with everyone’s skin tone.  It’s also different and more unique.  I think that definitely helped my first sale of the day.

As far as the chainmaille goes, it’s a nice alternative to the jewelry company that shall not be named with the cute little blue green bags and white bows… a good majority of people have their charm bracelets and “Return to _____” bracelets.  I think ever since Legally Blonde came out in 2001 is when they had their big boost in sales of those particular items.  I was never impressed with those bracelets and necklaces.  It’s a chain with a heart shaped dog tag. 😛

I just have to be true to myself and be the unique jewelry designer that I am.  A rock on a chain with a little bit of chainmaile is definitely not the answer… gotta keep cranking out the chainmaille at decent prices.  Yay for chainmaille! 😀


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