The Lure of Crystal

My sister is getting married the last weekend before Christmas.  Everything will be blinged out so much that reps from Swarovski should come out and be blinded. 😉  Something hit me last night and I got bitten by the bling bug.  In the past few years, I’ve moved away from the Swarovski leaded bling and diverted towards more natural bling.  Of course, I always revisit my love for crystal, but today I’m craving it like chocolate.  It’s crazy and inspiring all at the same time.  🙂

My love of crystal began as a pre-teen when my sister and I would shop at our favorite bead store in Downtown LA.  Mind you, we were still going for glass beads and abalone inlay set in base metal charms.  Usually hearts and butterflies.  But there was always a group of ladies picking a number and waiting to shop along the walls.  Curious, we grabbed a number to see what exactly was so coveted along the walls… oops.  And that’s when we discovered Swarovski crystal.  32% leaded crystal engineered so specifically to make any engineer proud.  It sparkled like jewels in a storybook.  We were immediately hooked and started buying colors and sizes by the dozen.  Then, before I started college, the crystal bug bit yet again, and we went back to buy crystal in gross, instead of dozens.  1 gross = 12 dozen.  Our other sister bought tiny little bracelets of crystal that we could easily make ourselves.  So that started the crystal bug again, and buying by the gross was so much more exciting than by the dozen.  Fast forward another 3 years when the crystal bug bit me and stayed for another few years.  I found an Internet supplier with AMAZING prices.  Oops again.  That turned into SEVERAL gross… I remember I’d take a break from studying by opening a factory package of crystal and just going “Ooo” and “aaah” over it.  Best thing ever.  As a child, I loved my crystal so much… as an adult, that childlike wonder still exists whenever I carefully open a factory package of crystal and run my hands through it… /drool

Yes, I am a magpie.  I like rocks and shiny things.


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