Something Magical Comes This Way

The weather in Southern California has been nothing but wonderful.  The skies are blue, the sun is shining, and the birds are singing in the trees.  It’s a magical time only this time of year brings.

On that note, I’ve gotten 2 necklaces with my favorite lampwork bead focals started and waiting to be finished.  Inspiration like this does not come often, and perhaps it is the universe’s way of apologizing for all the doo doo nuggets Mercury in Retrograde has been throwing at me.  Regardless, this is a very nice change and I hope it continues.  It’s interesting to watch the creative process unfold right before your very eyes.

Someday I hope to have a room dedicated as my studio space.  It’s a long ways away from here, but definitely a dream to fulfill someday.  Something on the east side so the early morning sun lights up the room like a beacon.  My childhood bedroom used to be on the east side of the house, so the sun would filter in through the blinds and wake me up naturally.  It was a beautiful sight to behold and there are times when I really miss that room.

I’ll post pictures when I’ve finished both necklaces… shouldn’t take too long, but it’s become all boring left-brain work now. 😉


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