Ooo Shiny!

Well, this is the only recent picture of any worth… been a bit busy with life to really get back behind the camera.  “Storm Watch 2010” hasn’t been helping with my natural photography lighting. 😛  Oh well, back to talking about this lovely necklace.

So when I design necklaces like these, exclusively incorporating my favorite lampwork beads, I start with the focal bead and then go from there.  Typically, I like to start by choosing some kind of stone to use in the necklace, simply because I’m a rock hound at heart.  This time I actually started by choosing the Swarovski crystal color first, and honestly, I have a lot of crystal in various sizes in this particular purple.  I figured I could put some to good use. 😉  I started toying with the crystal, throwing in bits of chainmaille here and there but it was too purple!  I needed more color to help tie into the necklace.  This was Friday night and I didn’t pick it back up until Sunday night.  Something in the back of my head told me to use the new smoky quartz beads I just got in the mail that week… and volia!  It was a perfect fit.  And here’s the finished product…


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