Music to Cultivate Creativity

In order to truly cultivate right-brain activity, music should contain no words because words are associated with left-brain activity.  I’ve been taking this into consideration whenever I’m looking to create something new.  I have a few albums that are just instrumentals… I really love Emilie Autumn’s Laced/Unlaced album.  She’s awesome on the violin.  Then I have an instrumental Buffy the Vampire Slayer for key moments throughout the series.  Gotta love that music.  Let’s see… I have Jill Tracy, whom I absolutely adore.  I saw her live at Gothla last year and I adore her “Doomsday Serenade”.  Awesome piano playing.  I need to load the new Legend of the Seeker soundtrack onto my iPhone… Jo LoDuca does it again with a wonderful score that I’ve loved since I was a teenager watching Hercules and Xena.

I just picked up the first 5 soundtracks for Harry Potter.  I figured I could try that out and see what happens. 😀


2 thoughts on “Music to Cultivate Creativity

  1. Hmmm, looks like i need to rethink things. I’m usually listening to my soaps or The Doctors. Words with no music. Not very inspirational, but I’m quite medically informed!

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