Visual Coziness

A home should be warm and loving and most of all cozy.  Throw quilts to cuddle under when the rain decides to make a surprise visit and keep everyone inside.  The lingering smell of a meatloaf in the oven or baking chocolate chip cookies.  Somewhere that provides a safe haven and place of security.  Where it’s okay to be yourself even if it’s not entirely “proper” under society’s standards.

My studio is really just my childhood desk in my room, but it’s situated in front of my balcony sliding door where I have a view of the rolling north Orange County hills and a few transmission towers. 😉  It can be a bit crammed at times, but it’s home for my jewelry. The sun shines in very nicely and has made me biased against artificial lighting for my jewelry photos.  This is a sample shot of what I get if I keep the blinds closed and move one just right.

Early to mid-morning is my favorite time to sit at my desk and cultivate my muse.  The afternoon sun gets a little too strong to make anything because I’m afraid of fading out my room.  I’ve figured out how to protect the He-Man DVDs, so technically I’m good now. 😉  Yes, I love He-Man and She-Ra and I will never apologize for it. 😀

Anyway, that’s why I started liking the photos I’d take of a finished piece causally strewn across my desk with tools and various jewelry supplies peeking out.

It definitely gives it a more personal, homey feel to it all.  Photographing jewelry is a creative art all by itself.  I’ve been lucky to be able to both create jewelry and nicely capture them in photos.  Shots like these are easier to connect with, I think.  It’s more human.


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