I’m Such a Nerd

And to prove it, I have 2 points to make…

Yeah, so I help out with the largest Gothic bellydance festival North America has ever seen and today was a field trip day.  Seriously, I have some of the best times with my instructor Sashi and fellow dancer IrinaXara.  And so today I decided to wear my new nerd shirt and play my Goth card by actually wearing makeup… I really loved the way it turned out. 😀

Last night I was making my earrings since I’ve been making a great effort for this to be earring month.  I noticed that these copper rings I’ve been using are too big for my Can Can earring design.  It’s only a 0.25mm difference in rings!!!  But I seriously started having a fit and decided to make another pair in 1 color because the first pair was multi-colored with an extra layer on top.  Nope, rings are still too big for my liking.  It’s totally a nerd point because no one else would really notice the difference.  But, I felt compelled to make it known that I cannot escape my nerdiness. 😉


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