Photographing Jewlery

Sashi asked me the other night about how I photograph my jewelry.  I said I just learned on my own in order to take good pictures.  Given the right tools, a novice can do a decent job.  I’m somewhere between that and advanced novice.  As soon as I opened my Etsy shop, I decided I needed a better camera.  A buddy recommended the Canon PowerShot A1100 so I went to check it out at BestBuy and it was on sale.  Score!  I wasn’t patient enough to buy it off of just because there was a pink one. 😉  I survived long enough with my Nikon Coolpix S6… almost 4 years, actually.  Let’s compare a little bit…

Taken with the Nikon:

Taken with the Canon:

Can you seriously tell the difference?! /drool  I really love my new camera.  I got lucky buying this blue glass too.  I walked into World Market and it was hiding on the shelf in the back, behind some boring glasses.  When I went up to the register, the guy said that was probably the last one in the store.  Score!  I’ve been getting a lot more creative, and it helps to have a light tent to diffuse the natural, blinding sunlight that filters into my room/studio. 😀  I still can’t get artificial lights to work in my favor… thank goodness I don’t live in the Northwest with all the clouds and overcast. 😉


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