Morning Ritual

Once upon a time, I used to try to consistently write “Morning Pages” as a way to cultivate my creativity and begin my day.  But a whole 3 pages of written freehand is A LOT OF WRITING.  I usually got through 2 pages if I was lucky… lately I decided to try something different.  Assuming I was up early enough, I’d sit at my desk and see what I could quickly make before breakfast and beginning the day.  I’d open my blinds and welcome the sun if it was shining, or the clouds as they prepare to drench Southern California with another storm.

It’s definitely been beneficial to both beginning my day and my jewelry designs.  I may actually be capturing that untainted well of creativity that accumulates throughout the night.  Quiet hours of the day are my best working hours for creativity anyway… let it be the dead of night or early morning before or around sunrise.  I love hearing the birds singing or the raindrops hitting the tile roof.  No words are spoken, it’s just me in my own little world.  If I feel inclined, I turn on some music… sans lyrics of course. 😉  Lately I’ve been addicted to Emile Autumn’s Laced/Unlaced album.  I love her rhythms and mixture of old classical and classical with an industrial kick.  The jeweler is happy and so is the bellydancer. 😉

Here’s a custom bracelet I was working on yesterday morning… I love the color of the amazonite against the silver. ♥


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