I Survived Gothla!

Today was the first day I really took to myself to deflate after the glorious darkness of Gothla.  Thursday I had a trip to Imperial County, so that also put a dampening on my “hatching” time.  But today I declared I was going to sit at home to chill out, get some real work done, and hang out in my studio/bedroom.  I actually didn’t get any real work done, but I did actually get a lot of design work in today.  Lots of Can Can Earrings.  The birds were singing in the bushes this morning. 😀 I took a lot of new photos of earrings, playing with backgrounds and colored glasses, and realized that while my favorite glass is clear with lots of little bubbles, the bubbles distract from the earrings.  Oops.  Figured out what light/time of day is best for photos and overall had an awesome time making earrings.  I would like to move on to bigger and better things, like more pendants so I can test out the new rubber and leather cords I just ordered.  I want to test them out because they have sterling ends and anyone who knows me knows that I’m a metal snob. 🙂

Friday I actually took the time to organize a little bit, mostly to make room for the extra 3 organizers I bought.  I think I should start organizing again since I stopped Friday afternoon.  I popped in my He-Man DVD, which I really hadn’t done for quite awhile, and just started shredding, tossing, and piling stuff.  It was a good release and welcoming the springing forward of the time… my subconscious decided to make my busy week even worse by telling me to wake up by like 6am, which would have been 7am right now.  Laaame.  At least I think I’ll be better prepared to wake up tomorrow, but still.  Boo!

Okay, just had to say that I’m alive and not neglecting anything.  New Etsy merch will be posted soon. 😀


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