A Few New Goodies…

These are my favorite little Amethyst earrings.  I need to dissect the design and transcribe it into my design “cookbook” for later.  Sometimes it’s difficult to find good designs for properly displaying briolettes.  I like these.  I like these so much I used my favorite Bali silver earwires. 😉

I also came up with an awesome pendant design to compliment my Can Can Earrings and I’m actually very happy with the results.  The cords I ordered finally came in and I’m torn between the rubber and the leather.  I guess I’ll just have to experiment with both, but the rubber is winning because it’s 0.5mm thicker than the leather.  Hopefully it’ll withstand being used as a necklace, but I think it will.  But that’s just me being optimistic. 😉  So yeah, my Grace Lampwork Beads usually come with 7 beads per strand.  I like to use odd numbers in my designs as much as possible, so I usually end up using 5 beads with 2 extras.  Instead of making really heavy earrings (my paternal grandmother had horribly droopy and stretched out earlobes, so I refuse to wear or make heavy earrings), I finally figured out how to make an awesome pendant with them.  Glass bead + Can Can skirt = Awesome Can Can Pendant and I can totally make matching Can Can earrings too.  Whoo hoo! 😀


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