Staying True to Your Vision

My friends and I are anxiously waiting to begin our preparations for the Los Angeles Chapter of Pagan Pride Day.  However, I am still drained from Gothla and also attempting to put together jewelry lines I can approach various stores and boutiques with.  Add a monthly visitor into the mix and there’s a good chance you could say that I’m burnt out.  When I’m in this mindframe, I think too hard, being creative flies out the window, and it’s a good time to go through my Photobucket to see what I can post on Etsy and generally get some of the business side of things done.  Oh, and I also get a little ranty. 😛

It also got me thinking about the results of last year’s sales.  The strongest sales I had were purely chainmaille, which means that people are looking for something different than what’s out on the mainstream jewelry market.  So, that’s pretty much what I’m going to be focusing on, along with some pendants that showcase single stones since stone energy lovers seem to prefer a single stone vs multiple stones.  I don’t have the magic touch to notice what stone is emanating what energy.  The only thing I can really do is sometimes be able to tell that particular stone or combination of stones are working.  Anything more than that and you’ll have to find someone else to help you.  😉  But anyway, I can’t over-think it and I have to stay true to myself and my designs.  It worked last year, so I can do it again this year, and make it even better.  It’ll be tough, but nothing’s ever easy and I really want to make a living off all this.  Haha, I’ll keep you posted when I can pay for rent on a monthly basis from this. 😀

I’ll end this post with a peek of what’s in my jewelry box… don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂


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