Sick… but My Muse Made an Appearance

Wow, what great timing for my muse to make an appearance today… 😛

Yes, I somehow developed a sore throat last night and going to bed early definitely didn’t help.  So I took it easy today, and thankfully there wasn’t too much to do around the office anyway.  Whew.  Something struck me as I was browsing through the Harveys Seatbelt Bag website and I decided to go play with my beads.  My muse thought of something but I wasn’t sure what…

The creative process always astounds me, at least mine that is.  I’ve been annoyed with it lately, my muse behaving like a naughty child, running off in too many directions for me to follow.  So, as the annoyed mother, I frown and start doing something else.  Lately it’s been spring cleaning, but also running around after my 3 year old niece who came to visit.  It was actually a nice visit and we bonded over watching my He-Man DVDs, so it was a nicer visit than usual. 😉  Anyway, I decided to make a bracelet to match the Betty Rose collection of Seatbelt bags.  I really like the way it’s turning out with a base of pearls and carnelian linked with little chainmaille barrels in gold.  Now I need to figure out how to add some pink and olive crystals for accent. 😉  I’m really happy with how it’s turning out.  Hopefully I get over this sore throat soon so I have more brainpower to devote to this design and hopefully a newly inspired jewelry line. 😉

And here’s my little monster sitting on my bed watching He-Man…


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