The Business Side of Things

Let’s face it… as artists, we hate dealing with logical, analytical stuff called “paperwork”.  Pricing, shipping, blogging, web design, etc.  Why do all that when we can be creative and make lots of shiny new things?  Haha, no.  As a small business owner, we are stuck wearing all the hats and doing everything ourselves.  We are a powerful, burnt-out kayak.  Which actually reminds me of an episode of Gilmore Girls… 😉

But yes, I have recovered from being sick and my muse floats in and out again.  I’ve been thinking of how to develop my business and expand… just planning for the future.  My biggest issue about starting a website is figuring out how to incorporate my chainmaille and wirework designs and not pigeon-hole myself strictly into chainmaille.  That’s been foremost on my mind lately.  Then, figuring out how to set up the whole “Jewelry Inspired by _____” lines.  Inspirational jewelry is too religious oriented or else I’d use that phrase.  But World of Warcraft and Harveys purses really don’t tie in with religion unless you think “cult”. 😛  Sometimes I miss playing World of Warcraft, but I never left the house.  It was a great way to stop shopping though… go to the mall or play WoW?  Play WoW!!!  Yeah, I was a gamer… still a gamer, but more of the old school Nintendo kind. 😉  So yeah, I have all these ideas bouncing around my head, but it’s hard to get them to solidify.

Balancing in general is hard.  That’s why I like Zen Habits.  It tries to help you simplify and get in tune with your inner self.  There are too many distractions to deal with and really kills our attention span.  I’ve known this for awhile and I’ve been doing my best to cancel out all the noise.  Being sick and not wanting to leave the house for almost a week was a good vacation from life and people.  Until I started going stir crazy by Day 5.  I learned that I have to slow down and listen to my body… and also learn how to schedule alone time for myself.  I did that yesterday… ran around for most of the day, then came home around dinner.  Watched TV with Dad (Merlin and Smallville), burrowed through my clothes pile… very productive and restful evening.  And not creative at all.  Can’t complain, it was productive, even though the creative side is annoyed that all those ideas bouncing around haven’t been fully captured.  But, like my tarot reader said, you have to wait out the plateaus.

I want to be a kayak.


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