I attract the “odd” ones

Today I went to my local bead store (LBS) and hung out with the people there.  It was such a blast and we were celebrating one of the ladies’ new book.  Truly inspiring and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into the projects.  I don’t actually buy bead books for projects, I buy them for design concepts and inspiration.  This book is truly inspiring.  Seriously.  And just hanging out with the girls was a blast too.  3 of us ended up going to the little coffee shop to chat and it was exactly what I’ve been needing.  I also have the urge to get back to basics and start stringing necklaces again.  Weird, but definitely a step in the right creative direction.  I’ve been needing some inspiration lately and I found it.  I really need to make it to their monthly hang out night.  I’ve missed my bead people.

Yeah, I’ve noticed that wherever I go, I end up attracting the awesome, goofy, oddball people.  No idea why or how, it just happens and no matter what circle I’m in, we’re the biggest and loudest dorks in the room.  It’s totally awesome.  I’m happy.  I haven’t felt like this for a long time.  🙂


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