Creative Yay

Today I was pondering over my lack of creative endeavors.  I’ve been creatively frustrated so the way I’ve been dealing with it has been tossing out everything I can and telling myself I need a functional closet.  This morning, after blogging on the other blog and eating breakfast, I went upstairs and sat at my desk.  I have a large, leather executive’s chair that’s comfy and cozy for any type of desk work.  Best idea ever.  So I curled up in my chair and started poking at my desk and all the various beads and unfinished projects lying about.  I think I was drawn to the energy of the green amethyst, so I picked it up and something clicked.  I started chaining the beads with little loops and suddenly I developed a design somewhere in my head.  After church and dim sum, I came back to it and instinctively searched my desk for a larger green amethyst bead to use as a focal point.  I’ve been watching the first season of “Legend of the Seeker”, a TV series based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth series.  Shota, a powerful witch, always wears a gorgeous green amethyst that’s absolutely HUGE.  It’s surrounded by smaller beads that I believe are the same stone.  But I love it so much and I think I needed the energy it provides.  That really awakened my muse and I later made another pendant with the same design and different beads.  It was amazing and I love the design.  Must go for a test wear this week. :D

Later this afternoon, as I was taking advantage of my favorite glass maker’s 25% off sale, I was inspired yet again to pull out my glass beads and play.  I took a strand and a strand of stones I thought would go with it a few months ago, and started chaining the stones.  Later I played with the colors, picked the perfect crystals to supplement, and started a new necklace.  It’s not a Y-necklace, just a simple strand of glass, chainmaille, Swarovski crystals, and stones.  My favorite combination.  I also realized that anything with these glass beads needs to be categorized under “Romantic”.  /drool

Yes, a beautiful summer day. ❤


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