Finally, Pictures!

Alright, I have some new goodies to show off!  Finally!  Yay!

So I was possessed to hammer something and I decided it would be in copper with my favorite strand of pretty sunstone nuggets that just sparkle with golden bits everywhere.  Copper is soft so it makes me wary to use it in 22g or 24g.  But hammered and 20g is awesome.  Hehehe.  Lacey commented that the star on the toggle looks like the Harveys star.  Totally coincidence. 😉

The second piece I have for your viewing pleasure is a gorgeous necklace that was inspired by the 8th season of Charmed.  Phoebe (Alyssa Milano) was wearing a lot of half/quarter necklaces that framed her neck/cleavage area very tastefully.  I wanted to use these beautiful garnets I’ve been sitting on since Christmas and I’ve been itching to use more textured jump rings. /squee


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