Creative Depression

2010 has been an interesting year creatively.  I honestly believe life got in the way and literally squashed all the creativity out of me and I’ve been a sad, aimlessly wandering artist ever since.  Yes, I’ve made a few jewelry pieces here and there, but nothing significant enough for me to be happy about.  The textured jump rings were a good start, but after I went to Hawaii, expecting a creative revolution and ended up spending the entire trip babysitting my niece and reading the “Twilight” series, I was crushed.

Yes, life has definitely gotten in the way for the past few months, but I’ve been starting to see the light.  Truth be told, I’ve been seeing the light in several aspects of my life, so this is just part of that.  Thank goodness or else I would have starting going crazy.  As much as Astrology has it limits, I still subscribe to a “Daily Forecast” which basically takes your sun sign and reads the planets or something.  I should ask Irene about that… she might know.  Anyway, the clouds are parting and the sun is shining brighter than ever, and it’s warming both my soul and my muse. 🙂  Phew, just in time for Pagan Pride Day, too. 😀

“You are coming upon a period of change and liberation that will occur but two or three times in your lifetime, once between the ages of twenty-five and thirty-one and again between the ages of fifty-four and fifty-nine. During these time periods, changes will occur in your life that will free you from any restrictions upon your self-expression. New ideas and environments will be revealed to you, offering you innovative and exhilarating alternatives to the beliefs, habits and routines to which you’ve become accustomed. For example, you may find yourself involved in a brand new social circle, peopled with friends and acquaintances who are more progressive or eccentric than the people with whom you have generally associated. Perhaps you may accept a new job or shift into an unfamiliar and exciting line of work that will provide you greater freedom, challenge and opportunity for creativity. In various ways, this will be a personal era for adventure; head into uncharted territories and leave the old, worn down terrain behind you. Because these changes happen smoothly and gradually, you may not even understand their scope or significance.”


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