Pagan Pride Day Recap

I suck at taking pictures… I need to remember to do that next year.

So, it was the worst day to be outside selling things… it probably got up to about 110 that day.  Ugh, we were melting.  The later part of the afternoon was nice as well as the morning, but between noon and 3pm, it was miserable.  I sold nothing but chainmaille straight up, which was quite surprising, given the crowd.  You’d think Pagans would be rockhounds, right?  Odd.  I also sold a herkimer diamond “on a rope” for cheap because this adorable, shy little girl wanted the earrings but settled on the necklace.  Someday she’ll appreciate it. 😉

I knew chainmaille was a big hit last year, and this year confirmed it.  After a discussion about fluxing silver prices and people probably want chainmaille more than stones, I guess it’s time to get back to my chainmaille roots and kick up some dirt. 😉  That makes me both happy and sad at the same time.  I mean, I love the chainmaille auto-pilot but I also love combining it with stones.  There has to be a happy medium somewhere.  I should make another necklace with the little stone showcase… that’s a good starting point for chainmaille straight up with a hint of stone.  Shoot, I forgot to bring that necklace with me too.  Boo.

I’m happy.  I sold 3 bracelets at the price points I wanted.  Too bad one of them should have gone for double, but I honestly didn’t realize.  But a happy customer is really what counts. :mrgreen:


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