An Interesting Crossroads

With this newfound lust for straight up chainmaille now, I’ve been wondering what to do with all my stones.  I shouldn’t just give up the dream of beads and chainmaille fused together in harmony.  It’s just interesting to wonder what happens next.  Well, the first step should be organizing my stones and putting them back into the hanging jewelry organizer.  That will take some time.  I was searching through my email last night and stumbled upon the last email I received from S.  He said, “you should always study hard in absolutely anything.”  It struck me as something to take to heart.  I also was reading the Wikipedia page about J Paul Getty and one of his rules for success was rising early and working hard.  Need to work on the going to bed early so I can rise early part, but the working hard part doesn’t seem too difficult.  Isn’t that the key to making something of ourselves?  Working hard, but smartly, of course.  Yeah.  Mind over matter… stop thinking and just do it.

So I think my answer to do just what I do best.  Make jewelry. 🙂


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