STUFF That Gets in the Way

I decided to do a massive overhaul of my room/studio.  I haven’t been able to cultivate any new creative energy, so I figured I could go nuts and clean.  Ugh, it’s been a painful experience, simply because of the sheer quantities of Stuff.  Yes, Stuff with a capital “S”.  Insane, I tell you.  I wouldn’t care as much if I had a closet to use, but since I don’t, I’m more aware of everything.  It’s really annoying.

Well, my ring supplier finally released instructions for my favorite collar… after 2 or 3 years of waiting. 😀  I’ll buy supplies when silver prices drop.  It’s a heck of a lot of rings.  ’til then, I have a few projects to work on.  After I get my Stuff tossed out and organized.  Oy.

Here’s a picture…


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