Yay for Motivated Organizing

After my brain chew with B last night, I feel motivated to get off my butt and be more proactive about my jewelry business.  Creative depression sucks.  Running your own business isn’t easy… I’ve learned that from my engineering business.  But if you really love it, you’ll stick it out and figure out how to survive.  I need to get my jewelry business into running operation for the sake of my creative soul.

I’ve decided to utilize these cool cube boxes.  They fit a lot and don’t take up a lot of space.  I’m going to need that later when I move into an apartment with Jesse.  Yeah, thoughts on that later. 😛  Today I put all of my literature inside… e-books and other materials I’ve printed out that can potentially help me on my quest to glory.  I’ve made a list of what I can put in more boxes, like promotional materials, vending table supplies and jewelry displays.

The next step is organizing my stones.  I love the hanging jewelry organizer idea, but I haven’t fully utilized it to the fullest potential.  I’m a bit annoyed by that, but also, it’s the stuff that gets in my way when I need to get to those organizers.  Eh, one day when I’m in my cleaning/organizing mood, maybe I’ll solve that problem.  Another problem is finding time to actually make jewelry.  Haha, yeah.  But, Jesse won’t be home this weekend and since next Saturday is Harveys’ Tough Love event, I won’t get much done until Sunday or Monday.  I have friends coming in from out of town and Jesse will be home.  Maybe I can bounce some ideas off my friends.  Amy’s an awesome resource to have.  We both love rose gold.  Hehehe.

Yeah, I need to re-vamp a few things and also find a permanent home for my camera. 😛


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