Drooling Over Iolite

My favorite crazy pirate rock lady never fails to deliver the best and sometimes unusual stones I’ve ever found.  It’s really quite amazing, I must say.  Normally you find average sized iolites, really tiny and faceted iolites, but not this time…

Yes, can you say, “HUGE”?  😀  So awesome.  Just plain awesome. 😀 😀 😀

So yes, last night I was sitting at my desk and decided to poke around to see what I had lying around.  I picked up my stash of iolites, newly acquired from the Pasadena Bead Show, and something hit me.  I picked up the hunking strand of iolites, picked out the best one that called to me and made a pendant.  Dug around some more and made a chain.  I loved this stone so much, I even wore to sleep.  I almost never do that, but the energy of this thing has been so me.  It’s been perfect.  Iolite is believed to help you find your inner self and separate your mind and emotions.  Yup, definitely been needing that kind of positive energy. 😉

I already sold a set to a friend… just need to finish off the pendant and dump it all in the tumbler to make it shiny.  I definitely need to make another of my absolute favorite pendants that exclusively shows of good sized teardrops.  I did make one with an iolite drop… wore it once before I sold it to my dentist.  I think that was the design I was testing out and decided it was a good design when Sashi was like, “OMG, that’s an awesome necklace!”  Anything Sashi-approved is good for me. 😉

So yeah, these are my drool-worthy iolite teardrops…

And my favorite pendant EVER… maybe, but I love it regardless…

Noooooooooooooooooooo, I blame Jesse for making me too busy to NOT UPLOAD A PICTURE OF THIS EPIC DESIGN!!!

Note to Self:  Take more pictures of inventory before selling them!!! /slap


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