Tucson Gem Shows 2012 or Bust!

Alright, after much thought and consideration, I am going to do whatever it takes to get my butt to Tucson next year for the Gem Shows.  Yes, and maybe I’ll be crazy enough to stay at the DoubleTree where the two big bead shows are held… I need to contact Kia and find out where the best place to stay and shop is.  And where she vends so I can see her Tucson loot. 😉

I’ve done my best shopping on the Internet, but I need to experience this once in my life.  And it would be really funny if Jesse and I end up honeymooning that way because we have an on-going joke about how he “fell in love with the girl at the rock show”.  Darn boy was so bored that he agreed to come with me to a gem and mineral show (i.e. rock show).  That was before we met… after we became “official” he referred to that song and iTunes says I’ve played it 320 times. 😀


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