creativity along the seashore

I’ve been wanting to explore more beach towns and sit in cute cafes sipping tea and cultivate my creative passions. But you could say one needs more time for that. /sigh

After my engineer-in-training exam, I’m going to drag Jesse out to South Orange County to explore the beaches and find a cute cafe for us to crash in and spend a few hours soaking in the atmosphere. We found a great little tea place like that in Downtown Fullerton the other night. I wish I had my tools with me.

For this reason, I must say how much I love my Harveys Seatbelt Bag Medium Boat Totes. These bags aren’t woven in traditional Harveys style basket weave but they are seatbelts stitched together horizontally so it’s lighter and easier to fully open to stuff treasures inside. As much as I love crossbody bags, there’s something creatively simple about these boat totes. Part of the reason could be because most of my bags have a pink lining that warms my heart every time I look at it. Who knows?

I really loved the spa in Hawaii. Just because it’s a place of relaxation I think. I could sit there all day if I could. I need something in my hands to keep busy or else I would love the spa and the various pools to jump in. But leave me inside my head too long and I get bored. Makes me wish I had an ocean front house so I could listen to the crashing waves all day. Maybe someday. 😉

And the view…


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