Endorphins Really Do Make You Happy

I started fretting over this past week on Monday about not having enough time to myself.  But then I went to bellydance class and Sashi kicked the cranky out of me.  Whew.  I love Sashi’s class.  It’s totally dork central of Tribal Bellydance in Orange County.  Then Tuesday I started watching Season 2 of Buffy and making jewelry because I got that awesome plug on the Harveys blog.  My muse decided to come out of hiding because I had to make sure I bring treasures with me on Saturday for the Harveys Spring Limited Edition Party.  That was a nice jump start for me.  I’ve been feeling pulled in far too many directions lately.  Finding balance is really the hardest thing a person can do.

So let’s what I have left to do this week… tumble polish my goodies, find something to wear for Saturday, and meet Jesse tonight for a quickie study session.  Yeah, fun, huh?  Then Monday back to Sashi’s class for more butt kicking.  Yay!

Jesse puts up with my Charlie jokes… yay!


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