Embracing My Shadow

Dear Shadow,

I hereby acknowledge your presence and existence.  Now I just need to figure out how to keep you happy so I don’t randomly explode because I’ve been repressing you and not letting you out to roam and play.  You are on your worst behavior when I’m busy and stressed, but even I know I need a break and have to take care of my needs.  It’s not selfish, it’s about being balanced and healthy.

I also acknowledge the war going on inside my head between the creative and logic.  I know I need to nurture my creative side more and not let the logical side win so much.  Please be patient with me while I find the balance I need to be successful in being an artist and an engineer.

I promise to lead the Sashi summer bootcamp while she’s away for the summer so I don’t go insane without a physical outlet to channel my dark side and keep my ass in shape instead of being a lazy couch potoato.


The Royal Hui Pants


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