My Jewelry To-Go Bag

I waited on buying this bag just because I already have more than enough bags, but I caved because I really love all the pink.  Because of this, I have deemed this bag to be my jewelry-on-the-go bag.  I smile every time I look at this bag, then hold it up and swoon.  I love pink just that much.  And this was the most reasonably priced bag within the Barbie Collection.  Don’t get me wrong, I would spend the money if I feel that it’s worth it, but I want the most bang out of my buck.  I still get the Barbie keychain, the Barbie Head zipper pull, and the hot pink lining.

I’ll take pictures of what I’m going to stash inside.  For sure, postcards, business cards, and my “Lookbook”. 😀


One thought on “My Jewelry To-Go Bag

  1. Nice!!! My Barbie MBT is still one of my most favorite bags (tied for 2nd with Madison Flap behind She Sells Sea Shells)!!! It’s my school bag!

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