Color Color Color

I’ve always loved color.  As a child, I did nothing but color with my Crayola markers and later graduated to Marvy LePlume II markers that I coveted and loved until the day they dried up.  When I discovered Swarovski crystal, I spent hours combining colors and playing in the shiny.  That’s also why I fell in love with Harveys Seatbelt Bags… the rainbow of colors they produce bags in.  It warms my heart and I want to frolic.

With that said, I really want to work with some Grace Lampwork Beads to help cultivate my creative spirit.  Here are some examples of my work using Grace Lampwork Beads.  Grace is really awesome as a person… she used to be a Computer Engineer, but decided to pursue a career in art and making beads.  I strongly believe that her engineering training has helped her establish her bead business.  I need to tap into that energy myself… someday… soon. 😉


One thought on “Color Color Color

  1. Hui. . .I LOVE this idea!!!!!!!!!! Hubby and I were at Knott’s yesterday, and they spring crafts fair is going on. One of the vendors there is a guy named Hillel Rzepka. He creates glass hearts w/ color. He does so many, and they are all so different!!!! Hubby got one for me and one for my best friend. I’ll send you a picture. You should go check him out. I think you can get into the park free for a few hrs to check out the crafts fair. His website is if you want to check him out. He also does fundraisers for schools.

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