5 Years and Counting…

This year marks the 5th anniversary of when I discovered chainmaille.  I saw a really cool Bollywood-style necklace with byzantine bits in a magazine, but I knew I needed more instruction than that, so I signed up for my first chainmaille class.  The rest you could say is history.  So what have I accomplished in 5 years?  Let’s bust out some pictures…

I was still making things like this… impressive but not challenging enough for my engineering mind.

Ah, my first chainmaille bracelet… no, I’ll never sell this one.

Hey, starting to make more bracelets… yay.  Later on, when I needed to buy pliers that were easier on my hands, I discovered Urban Maille.  More rings.  More kits.  More Chainmaille.

Yes, that was the beginning of something new and exciting… I had to get my hands on whatever I could absorb.  I had found my calling within all these rings.  But I started missing my beads and wondered how I could incorporate beads with my chainmaille.  UM had a Designer Ring Kit that would teach me new techniques but I wasn’t willing to invest *that* much money just yet.  So I setup a goal of switching rooms with my sister, which eventually did happen.  Unfortunately, the price of silver started creeping up, so I hurried up and snatched it up before it could go higher.  And so began a creative revolution starting in 2008 and eventually plateauing in early 2010.

Right now I’m feeling introspective.  Hopefully getting back onto the Artist’s Way bandwagon will help me move past my demons and creative blockages to get back to the glory I once had… like all things, you just gotta roll with the punches and ride with the waves.


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