Creative Champions ~ Part 1

On this week’s creative to-do list, I have to ponder over the people who have encouraged my creative soul and those who have tried to hinder it.  I suppose this exercise is meant to acknowledge our shadow and move on.  So, let’s begin with a champion of my creative self-worth…


I have never met Chandara but we hit it off when was actually functional and before Facebook became the epicenter of all bellydance activity.  We’d drool over the latest and greatest from Geisha Moth and email each other about our fabulous new purchases.  We’d talk about life and stuff… probably everything under the sun.  It’s been at least since 2008 but we’ve never met.  This is a perfect example of a modern day pen pal.  We know that when we do meet, we’d sit on the porch of her newly renovated home giggling and drinking tea all afternoon, and maybe clock in some bellydance practice too.  She helps me keep perspective when everyone else around me has gone batshit crazy and her attitude about life always makes me laugh.  She’s bought pieces from me before so I know her style, and when she lost her earring, she tore her bedroom apart until she found it. 😉  Yes, she is awesome.


I have never met Aislyn of Urban Maille, but I did stumble across her website in 2008 when I was looking for the best priced Lindstrom pliers because I was a chainmaille n00b and killed my right wrist when I first started.  Um yeah, after I discovered UM, I officially became a chainmaille addict.  I hated cutting my own rings and found UM to do it for me.  Hey, time is money… instead of renting out the studio and equipment, I walk to my mailbox or drive to the post office.  So much more fun than cutting rings.  Muhahahaha.  Hmm, I should attempt to work on my 20g Half Persian necklace… 💡

Her embellishment lessons and Zen Business articles shaped me into the chainmaille artist I am today.  She understands the war between the left and right brain, but also that you need both for chainmaille and that’s why I’ve flourished.  For that, and her endless cyber support, I am eternally grateful and hope to meet her in person someday.


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