I’m like that kid who can’t sleep on Christmas Eve. I didn’t know I’d have time to stop at the bookstore Monday night or else I would have bought that metal stamping book. Eh, it’s better that I didn’t because I don’t have any tools yet. Eh, Catch-22.

Oh yes, I have 3 books on the way, as well as 4 other orders of goodies.

A metal stamping kit with letters and numbers, a metal hole punch, and metal blanks to play with.

Metal stamps and blanks.

More metal stamps and earring hooks.

A texturizing hammer that will make the metal look like raw silk.

I’m really excited about the hammer. I hope the blanks I got have enough surface area for me to play with. Dude, I want my stuff NOW! Hahaha. Oh well, my niece arrives tonight so this weekend is out of the question. Not like I should be hammering with a 4 year old who’d want to do it too. šŸ˜›

I think the Artist’s Way is really helping and this is just the first week. Yay. Need to write more Morning Pages though. Just a bit. šŸ˜‰ But at least I’m doing it consistently. I suck at consistency. But I think I’m getting better. Yay!

Every time Kaili comes over, I want to hammer things. Hopefully when I have kids, they will sleep through all my hammering. Hehehe.


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