There is Energy Everywhere

All women understand the concept of the Divine Feminine because they have that innate ability to sense and/or feel things… That weird, “hey, don’t do that” feeling in your gut. Or the mother-child connection. Alright, you get the idea.

My mother is training to be a tai chi master. One of my best friends is a 2nd degree priestess twice over from 2 different covens. My bellydance instructor channels the spirit of the dance. Um, yeah, I’m surrounded by some powerful energy folk. So it isn’t surprising that I understand the concept of stones/rocks having metaphysical properties. šŸ˜‰

Today, while I was searching for a large bead of some kind to wrap in brass filigree, I found a seraphinite focal that’s large enough to be covered in such lovely brass. The green and dull gold color would be awesome. Later this evening, I decided on a mini Buffy marathon to help regain my sanity since my sister and niece are visiting from Hawaii and gave me a pounding headache. Yes and I wanted to be hiding this weekend instead of chasing after a 4 year old…

Anyway, the seraphinite got me thinking about stone energies and how I should discuss these specific stones in this blog. Haha, why not? Yay, I think the Artist’s Way is actually working. šŸ˜‰ Also, the cool thing about seraphinite is that it’s a higher level stone than your typical rose quartz or amethyst. Said best friend told me it’s not an easy task to really activate the stone’s energy. Which is funny because I was fretting over my first time vending at Pagan Pride Day (Los Angeles Chapter) and while I was making seraphinite earrings and watching “The Devil Wears Prada”, I got this sense of calm and something in my head saying “all is right with the world and everything will be okay.” Weird, huh? Yeah, I thought so too but it was a nice feeling. I need to work more with that stone. I’ve collected enough beads to really start making some lovely pieces with it. Yeah all this while I’m also wearing my favorite larimar.

Larimar is a light blue stone with white swirls and sometimes bits of black and red inclusions. It’s found in the Dominican Republic underneath a volcano. So it’s a water stone but also tempers fire properties. Which is great for me since I’m so much of a Cancer that I would love to run around pinching people. Hahaha. But seriously, aside from Jesse, who is probably my larimar in human form, it seriously calms down the crazy. It’s the stone that tells you, “chill out, you’ll be fine.” Yes, I need to wear it more often. I’ll be sleeping with it tonight. šŸ™‚


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