The Artist’s Way ~ Week 1 Recap

Morning Pages:

I wrote at least a page (if not a full page) everyday this week.  Today I wrote almost a full 3. 😉

Artist Date:

I think I did it… I don’t remember.  (My niece has been here since Thursday so my brain is fuzzy)

Random Thoughts/Progress:

I really believe the system is working.  By making a conscious effort in living a more creative life, something awakened inside me and I started creating again.  I found a hint of my passion again by ordering the metal stamp kits and supplies.  Now I just have to re-schedule my life and make time to create again.  And do boring things like dishes and laundry.  It’s really just all about balance.  I’m seriously considering dabbling with Art Metal Clay but that’s another investment I’m wondering if I’m willing to commit to.  Eh, we’ll just have to see.  Making new habits is hard.  I’m going to really try to settle myself in bed by 10pm and see how realistic that is.  I have a lot of things to do.  But I’m getting there.

One thing I do have to mention is how my MP reminded me of wearing charoite and tigereye when I need to get down to business and get my work done without being emotional about it.  Also, I need to try out my combination of larimar and tourmaliated quartz.  Hmm.  I’ll think about that in the morning. 😉

Oh, this is my first attempt at metal stamping…

I’m waiting for Amazon to ship my book before I do anymore stamping so I can get some different ideas.  I’m also waiting for my awesome hammer that texturizes metal to look like raw silk. ♥  But I made a little girl happy. 😉


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