New Attitude?

I really like where the Artist’s Way has been taking me lately.  I wake up with more purpose and less dragging of my feet.  I haven’t felt this energized for at least a few years.  Yay.  I’ve needed this re-charge.  Now if I can actually get to bed at a decent hour.  Eh, I won’t push my 10pm deadline.  Maybe 10pm, shut down Facebook and be in my room by then.  That might be a little more realistic for now.

Ooo, I can go play with my new metal stamping goodies that just came in the mail.  My book will arrive tomorrow, so I’ll have something to read during lunch.  I really like where I can possibly go with this… just need to sit down and make stuff now.  Sitting down and getting stuff done/made has been the hardest thing lately.  Hopefully that changes soon since I have 2 weddings and 2 orders that need filling.

Alright, more thoughts later… bedtime. 🙂


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