Adventures in Metal Stamping

Ah, so here’s my latest art piece and attempt at metal stamping.  I bought more supplies today because I realized I really do need a heavier hammer.  So I bought a 1-lb and a 2-lb just so I don’t have to work so hard pounding and getting something spazzy because something isn’t sturdy enough to handle the force of the whacking hammer.  I need to remember that when I finally buy a new desk.  I want a nice desk that’s solid wood.  Another thing to add to the list of requirements I’ll be giving to Jesse.  When we get married, I’ve requested him to build me an apartment-sized jewelry studio.  It’s good that he’s supportive. 🙂  I’m also inspiring him to think about making riveted chainmaille from stainless steel.  But if he breaks my tools, he needs to replace them with interest of some kind. 😛

So you can see that I shouldn’t overlap stamping unless it’s just texturing… and I definitely need a heavier hammer.  I like the oxidation and how it leaves the black impressions where it needs to be.  The abrasive pads are cool, but the mirror finish it leaves behind is just TOO SHINY.  I will try it out after I use my tried and true method of .0000 steel wool and tumbler.  Other than that, I’m really happy with the way this is turning out.  I caved and bought more stamps… trying not to be greedy, but enough to say, “Alright, these represent me.”  Like a snail and a hummingbird. 😀  I’ll wait for anything else for a little while.  I really want the cute lettering, but I’m not ready to shell out $165 x 2 for cute lettering in both uppercase and lowercase.  Maybe once I start making some money off these things.  Now I need to start making a list of words and sayings and stuff.

Royal Hui PANTS! Back Story

Somewhere back in the Spring of 2009, Sashi was drilling an awesome choreography into our heads.  I think we were already exhausted because she mistakenly called Irene “Hui”.  Then when she was instructing Mean Keri to do something since she was the shortest person in the dance line, MK thought Sashi called her “Hui”.  Then Irene dubbed me the “Royal Hui PANTS!”.  Haha, it really stuck, and later on that spring, I got to dub Irene “Butt Crack PANTS!”.  I ♥ my dance peeps.


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