Creative Champions ~ Part 2

I still scratch my head at the thought of this, but maybe that’s what love is.  One of my truest Creative Champions has been my very own Jesse.  Yeah, Mr. I Love Physics and Math.  He inspires me to be the best Hui I can be, even if it means being an artist or an engineer.  He’s patient with my lack of organizational skills and horrible algebra skills and for some darn reason, he believes in me.  Maybe the suit of chainmaille armor was what did me in… nah, it was definitely his overachieving brain and not being a typical engineer.  He’s a scientist in engineer’s clothing.  It’s nice to see a difference perspective from time to time.  He’s been showing me an entirely different way of life.  Definitely inspiration working its wheels somewhere.  Hopefully he can build me an apartment-sized studio after we get married.  Here’s hoping. 😉

He’s my rock.  And literally my knight in shining armor.  I’ll keep him. 🙂


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