The Artist’s Way ~ Week 2 Recap

Today was the only day I skipped my Morning Pages, but I also skipped church, so I suppose that’s understandable.  I went to hang out with my sister in Long Beach.  It was a nice day spent talking about wedding preparations and laughing over Gilmore Girls.

It’s been a busy work week, but writing my Morning Pages even just a little bit has definitely helped my sunny disposition… I haven’t had one of those in a very long time.  I also realized that the goal I set for being in bed by 10pm is clearly unrealistic so that has been altered a bit.  I think the lesson learned is really just being more aware of how I spend my time.  I admit I do get too caught up in watching Buffy that isn’t background noise or lazy and zone out on Facebook.

My new stamp order is in and my hammers are arriving tomorrow.  Another stamp order should be here by the weekend if I’m lucky, so soon I’ll be ready to make tags like “Resistance is Futile” and “Does not play well with others”.  Haha, I’m excited.  I’ll be more excited after I get this big work project done.  At least I forced myself to finish half of an order while watching very distracting Season 7 of Buffy.  Wednesday I’m also planning to get my butt to my local bead store for their “Bring Your Own Project” night.  It’s pretty much a social gathering of crazy bead women and I miss going.  Oops, got a man, disappear into the cave, come out to show off caught man, and come out to bitch about drama.  Pretty much.  Hahaha.

Gem Faire this weekend too… can’t wait for that!  Hopefully I’ll have time to go through my stones to see what I need to buy.  Muhahahaha.


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