Whack, Whack, Whack

My favorites are the upper left and the bottom right… I guess my desk can withstand all the whacking I’ve been doing.  All but the upper left were made using a different desk so I could figure out if the surface I was working on made any difference.  My desk seems to be the best so I won’t have to worry about that anymore. 😉  I really like the clean look for the upper left because if you compare the snails between the tags on the left, the upper left tag looks a lot less bold.  Hmm… I guess it depends on the look you want.  But I definitely need to continue cleaning up both pendants.  My little piece of 0.0000 steel wool didn’t like me after all this polishing.  Time to grab a new clump.  The tag on the bottom right is my favorite of the sterling tags.  The other one was a random “Hey, let’s try this now.”

My right arm is going to be really buff with all this whacking. 😉


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